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Megan S.

AMAZING: Dr. Tom is personable, professional and really takes his time going through your symptoms with you, which I hadn’t experienced with other Chiropractors. I highly recommend him.

Harold P.

Dr. Tom Walton has a very gentle touch – and he spends a lot of time listening to his patients before he ever puts his hands on them. Highly recommended (plus, he’s a Portland-area actor, so he understands the special needs of performers!)

Megan K.

Thank you for being such a vital part of my success in meeting my goal! There is nothing more frustrating than having a passion for something and people telling you that you should give it up. For me it was running, and my goal was a half iron man, a 1.3 mile swim .56 mile bike ride and a 13 mile run, 3 sports in my 33rd year in honor of my mom whose favorite number was 3 and always told me to aim high.

Your advice, therapeutic massage sessions and regular adjustments helped me tremendously. I probably would have gritted my teeth and pushed through the pain but I didn’t need to. I felt great!

Thank you once again for all of the great work that you do in helping people meet their goals.

Claudette R.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your care and support. You shore me up when I am feeling so (un-characteristically) vulnerable. What a wondrous healing center you have created Darah. I’m sure I’m only one of the many who appreciates your positive help.

Elise G.

I’ve been using chiropractic care nearly my whole life. I’ve just had one appt, and Dr. Tom helped me immediately without the usual sales pitch hype in getting me to come back 3x a week for x amount of months etc. He educates about what is going on and is very genuine and honest as well as confident, skilled, gentle and friendly. I have no complaints and will definitely return.

Cee L.

Dr. Ashton is the best chiropractor I’ve been treated by. Over the years, I have probably worked with a half dozen practitioners. She is such a great listener and zeros in on a diagnosis. She is definitely a hands on doctor with a compassionate manner. Her massage staff are also wonderful at their craft. Getting an appointment is a simple call to the clinic and she is usually very available.


I first came to the chiropractic clinic because my feet would go numb. Darah told me it is because of how I sleep. It throws my back out so one leg is longer than the other and I have trouble walking. It is so wonderful to walk without pain. As a diabetic it helps to have treatments on my feet so they stay healthy too.

The most dramatic thing that happened was when my head went numb. I took a shower and it felt like my hair was already dry but when I touched it was still wet and I couldn’t feel the top of my head at all. I saw two doctors who were mystified and finally I asked Darah. She told me that my neck was out of adjustment and putting pressure on my brain stem! When I had my neck adjusted all the numbness went away. I remembered than I had been rear ended but my car had not been damaged so it hadn’t occurred to me that I might be. I was glad to be back to normal as my husband told me “he didn’t want to be married to a numbskull.” As a long time patient I have been glad to be free from pain, relaxed and healthier as a result of coming here.

Marissa B.

During the year that I spent in Portland, OR, I needed to seek treatment for my injury. I tried many places before I found Ashton Chiropractic center. Here I found just what I was looking for.

Darah Ashton, DC, worked with me. She was able to find therapeutic techniques that worked for my case. Every time I visited the office I knew I was in good hands. I always felt feeling better then I did when I came in. She helped me to understand my injury better and always let me speak my mind and ask questions to which I always received answers. I always felt comfortable while in their care. They even helped me to create an at home work out routine. I would recommend this office and chiropractic center to anyone. I don’t believe you will be able to find better anywhere. If I still lived in the area I would still be attending!

Thank you Ashton Chiropractic!

Diane B.

I am so glad I found you. My health has improved so much from the wonderful chiropractic care and massage I’ve received here. You are all angels in my heart. Twice I have come in with tears in my eyes because I was in so much pain from injuries to my back (me, mainly not taking care of myself), and lack of you have worked to get me pain free and walking upright again. I have always believed in chiropractic, and will forever be a life long patient. I love this office and the good energy that surrounds each of you.

Thank you so much for all you do.


You are the 1st health-care provider that I have ever written a thank-you note for. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your skills and kindness. You’ve helped me through another rough patch with your expertise. Thank you!


Thank you, Darah, for the happy feet and for making orthotics affordable. It was great to see you again!

Merry B.

I’ve received consistently excellent treatment at Ashton from Dr. Tom Walton. He never rushes through appointments, as many chiropractors at other clinics do, and always illustrates stretches and other basic therapies to try in between appointments. I only go in when my sciatica flares up, but I always leave feeling better! I also saw Dr. Walton throughout my pregnancies and was back pain-free as a result.


Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for always being so good to me, I appreciate the fact that I have such a great chiropractor who knows my back, head and neck as well. Good Dr’s are hard to find and obviously I have a good chiropractor who I can always depend on to fix me up. So NO RETIRING EVER! K?! Thanks!

Marian D.

For forty years I suffered low back pain, from an injury as a child. I went to a chiropractor clinic and met Darah (This was before she opened her own practice.) Darah told me my tailbone was seriously out of adjustment. I had several weeks of treatments because the problem had been there for so long. But Darah knew exactly what was needed, and she got my back perfect!

I have been free of low-back pain for eleven years. I’m so grateful as Darah, and the field of chiropractic, for this wonderful healing.

Jeff A.

Before Darah started treating me, I used to have periodic lower back pain and spasms. Sometimes my back would be out for several days. Now my back has stabilized through her help. She determined that my hips were twisted, causing one leg to be longer than the other. Through a side adjustment she realigned my hips which freed up my lower back. I am a guitarist and the asymmetrical playing position causes imbalanced and makes me slouch. Darah adjusts my upper back which frees up my posture and allows me to stand straight with my shoulders back. Before chiropractic care, I used to have periodic neck pain as well. Now through regular neck adjustments, my neck has increased its range of motion and is pain free. Through chiropractic care my body feels aligned, stronger, and I can better trust my body [to] perform more physically strenuous tasks.


I was involved in a Car accident in Feb of 2006. The pain I felt was pain I had never felt before. I was receiving massage and adjustments for my treatment, and it helped my neck and back pain. But I was still having a lot of pain with my tail bone. The adjustments seemed to be helping but then after two weeks it would come back again. The chiropractor had suggested getting Cranial Sacral done by the massage therapist on my next massage. I was doing massage and adjustments every two weeks. So I did Cranial Sacral on my next two visits and noticed the pain was finally gone. It has been two years and I have not felt the pain in my tail bone!

The chiropractors at this center are so caring, they are here to help you in any way they can! They will go that extra mile to help you! They really do care for you and your health and will teach you to take care of your body!

Karen K.

Dr. Tom Walton is a focused and caring chiropractor. I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years (I’m 71), and I place, without hesitation, Dr. Tom at the top of my list. I especially like how he explains what he thinks is going on, how he will treat it, and offers follow up recommendations to try at home, that are very specific and helpful. After a fall, he suggested I get an X-ray, to rule out any hairline fracture. Within an hour after I had the X-ray, he called me to explain the results. I didn’t have to call him. This is genuine service and care.

Maria C.

Prior to chiropractic treatments I was convinced that I had a bad back. Chiropractic care helped correct chronic postural problems I had and relieves my back pain much more effectively than medication I was even prescribed. I am SOLD!


Fantastic!!! I had undiagnosed scar tissue covering my whole back for 16 years that went unnoticed and right away I was diagnosed and treated. Now I have longevity to my adjustments(somewhat! but that’s my due to my faulty mobil ribs). Absolutely recommend you check this place out, they make my whole week’s better and have become my cherry on top every monday morning!

Nancy O.

When I tell people about how great my chiropractor is, I usually mention that she “took the thorn out of my paw.” Physical pain can grow so imperceptibly that we sometimes don’t even realize we have a “thorn.” It may take a traumatic incident to make us seek treatment.

In my case, I sneezed, and my back “went out,” as I used to say before I quit blaming my back for my problems. A friend recommended Dr. Ashton, and I went to see her, in great pain, barley able to walk. The relief I gained after a couple weeks of evaluation and treatment caused me to take a hard look at the shape I was in, and got me to get on a monthly schedule of adjustments.

I have scoliosis and severely pronated feet (they turn out), and had chronic painful arches, knees, hips, and neck. I walked and swam for exercise, but couldn’t play any sports or hike strenuously. Dr. Ashton determined that much of my trouble began with my feet and pelvic alignment.

After eight years of regular adjustments and some injury treatment, and after four years of wearing custom orthotics that she prescribed, my chronic pain is gone. I took horseback riding lessons and bought a horse, and now I ride five days a week. I can hike anywhere. I can run pretty darn fast. I’m even thinking of going back to downhill skiing. And I’m forty two years old.

Chiropractic care has definitely changed my life. It’s made me consider my priorities and work for better health. It brings me into an atmosphere of caring, expertise, and fun once a month. And it keeps me excited about life and an active future. That’s what I mean I say that my chiropractor took the thorn out of my paw. I just plain feel better.


As a teenager, I lived with terrible low back pain. My mom took me to an orthopedist who told me there was nothing wrong with me. He sent me to physical therapy which helped for a little while, but the pain always returned. I lived with excruciating pain for many years.

When I was 21, I met Darah. She examined my low back and told me that the joints of my low back were seriously out of alignment. I’d never been to a chiropractor before and was a little nervous, but I was desperate!

After one adjustment, I felt a lot better. After three treatments, my pain was totally gone! Every once in a while, I need a “tune-up” if I get stiff, but I’ve never had that pain again.

Kite G.

My back used to go out 3-4 times a year. Dr. Ashton discovered that one of my legs was shorter than the other one. She prescribed a heel lift. This simple lo-tech remedy, along with a series of treatments, really helped a lot. Now the pain is much less, and I only need adjustments once a year, at most. If I were diligent about doing the back exercises she prescribed, I probably wouldn’t have to come in at all!

Lindsay B.

I’ve gone to John a few times and he works miracles. They do a great job adjusting you in a gentle non-invasive way. Felt better immediately. This will be my chiropractor office.


Fantastic!!! I had undiagnosed scar tissue covering my whole back for 16 years that went unnoticed and right away I was diagnosed and treated. Now I have longevity to my adjustments (somewhat! but that’s my due to my faulty mobil ribs). Absolutely recommend you check this place out, they make my whole week’s better and have become my cherry on top every monday morning!